Martini's Pub Gig

It was a rainy night in Bangsar Baru, but it wasnt a reason to cancel Lyme's first pub performance. Even though it was in a pub, most of the public were the band's friends and acquaintances. A minority was made of passerbies and curious faces. The gig itself was reckless, powerful, but nevertheless, poor in sound quality, since the person arranging the event (whose name I am not going to mention) decided to connect our small rehearsal amps into the place's sound system (and through a cheap adaptation of RCA plugs into the amp's speaker cables!) instead of renting proper amps. Of course, at the end of the Gig the Speakers had their treble (twisters? I cant remember the name)turned into useless solid material and the "person" had to deal with the owner later. Anyways, the instruments were entirely ours,(except the guitar I was using, which I borrowed from a friend (thanks Jenny, wherever you are)). You can see the Gig's final seconds in the RealVideo sample in the Multimedia section of the page. Anyways, the guitar and the drums were still working perfectly after the gig, and no, I wasnt hurt. It was a second of fun, thats all.

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