Brief Note: The following are the gigs Lyme has played until date. Some are described only in text, since pictures will take some time (or will never be available!). The list of gigs does not include members' side projects or gigs at private parties. The list is organized in chronological order, with the first gig played around November 1997 at Sayfol School's Valentine Day's audition.

Sayfol's Audition:Lyme's first gig ever..
Sayfol's Valentine's day : and the second...
Charity at the Peruvian Embassy Residence: The mild side of Lyme.
Martinis Cocktail bar: Lyme's first chaotic pub gig.
Heaven's Star Search at MPAJ: One of our favourites..
Sayfol's Battle of the Bands: Another of our all time favourites..
Combo Music Opening Fest: Gig under Ampang Point's roof
Combo Music Opening Fest - 2nd time: And its second time.
Flamingo Institute Prom Night: Lyme/Flu Nite
Kuantan Stormy Night Gig: Lyme's first outstation gig!
Zodiac Club's Merry Christmas Gig: UG Noize at its best
Zodiac Club's Merry Christmas Gig -Part 2: Continuation of this intense event..
The Warp & Bistro Gig: The biggest disco in town!
Matahari Pub: The classical gig abode!
The LagoonPalooza Festival: wow.
Sunway College's Independence Festival Gig: A really multi-styled event!
The first gig at Colors: An incredible energy flow!
Zodiac's Nasty Show: Not an easy one..!
Timun Drive's "What to do on Sunday": As the title reads.
Kosovo Charity festival: An excellent show of solidarity!
"What to do on Sunday" - Part 2: It just kept getting better!!
Color's Warpig Gig: It was not the turn-up, Watson.
Maybe Im Just crazy! Gig: Colors' great lonely positive vibe.
Sydney 2000 Tree-Top (etc.) Gig: Chaos 2000. (ha!)
BB noise from the 2nd Garage: Beautiful Underground!
La Viva Carnival Festival: Not Sydney, not Warp, but Ampang Park!
Halloween 99': Costume night at Phoenix!
Zodiac's own: Thanks for the drinks, though. (ha!)
Zodiac's Unityblaster Gig: Variety rules!
Koffin Khronicles Showcase-Day 1: Wicked moshday!
BB Noise gig: Feel that energy!
Ipoh March Mosh Fest: Awesome Ipoh!
Afghanistan Gender Apartheid Charity: Support for a good cause.
Panasonic "rock the World" Concert: I cant find words!
Urban Survival Gig: A new place!
Bukit Jalil Millenium Gig: Great gig, long and tiring.
Timun drive's third gig:"What to do on sunday" Part 3!
Melaka Fest:Good survival experience!
Octopus Launch:Techno night at Embassy!
Johor Baru's Jubli Intan: Awesome southern Malaysia!
Phoenix plaza's Unity Gig: Unity is finally happening!
Illegal Operation: Batu Pahat's hello.
Family Day Launch: Was it a launch or were we jamming?
Soundbuzz's Buzzhunt 1: HELP college's nice sound vibe.
Family Day's Press Conference: In Hard Rock Cafe, wow!
Soundbuzz's Buzzhunt Final: Unexpected things do happen.
Family Day Showcase 2: The newest uptight place in town, M-cities!
Penang's Sound Struck: The trip was lots of fun, though!
MCities Live & Loud: Purging our rust is fuuun!
Let's Gig!: Warm-hearted crowd vibe!
East-Fest 2000: Reaching different people!
BBC Rage Against the Machine Tribute: Super-vibe to the rescue!
BBC Low profile gig: New excellent acts in the scene!
The Warp Gig: The Warp in for an Ossuary tribute!
Breaking Ground Gig: Excellent showcase of independent bands!
Raw is War - 2: There's no lack of energy in this one!
TONEdef: TONE magazine 1st year anniversary!

Check some of the gigs previews when they were made available in the "Past Gigs" section.

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