Colors Damansara Gig

It all happened at Colors, a place within Damansara/PJ 
area's most well known hang out/restaurant place, Uptown. 
The bands playing there were going to be some of the 
tightest we've played with before, and it was the first 
time we saw most of them live. Names such as 
Love me Butch, Foreground Division, Seven Collar 
T-Shirt and HomeSick were in the list, aside from the 
well-known Carburator Dung (The day of the gig 
featured 7 bands in all, but unluckily their names were 
not mentioned in the Flyer). Lyme had the opportunity
to finally meet the guys from the other bands 
personally before and after the gig and create a 
stronger bond in the underground's new generation
of bands! 
Anyways, the soundcheck started off normally, fixing
a glitch or two which were encountered with the amps,
but not a big deal. The Gig kicked off and the place
was getting more crowded by the minute! There was a 
moment when there were so many people inside at one
time that is was hard to walk to the exit!
The crowd was really cool, there was a moshpit fully
active while all the bands played, and seats around,
which kept themselves full most of the time.
Lyme's turn was 5th, after a superb performance
by Love me Butch (Great welcome by the people,
considering we had never played in the Damansara/PJ 
area before. Its always been ampang or somewhere else).
So we had a seven songs set, with the debut
of a new song (no name yet! we call it "new song"
just to remember which song it is :). 
The amount of people in the place made a very
energetic and powerful flow of energy, very
hard to handle! There was almost no place for the
bands to move, people were jumping and standing
all around...very cool! 
The songs went by quite alright, considering a fair 
amount of fuckups..sorry, mistakes, which we all did,
but luckily were all covered up in time! 
The microphone was disconnected at one time, and 
there was no microphone for Boy to sing on, so I had
to hold the mike up for him while singing on a fixed 
mike next to the PC for "Uneasy" (the opening song).
There was loads of people interaction as well, 
the random joke and laugh which keep it all even
more enjoyable! All in all, it was an amazing 
atmosphere, a vibe we rarely see and only happens
when there are many people very close together
and all in a similar brainwave. Aside from the
mistakes we had, the gig was great! A good 
organization, all done the DIY way by the area
bands..I hope it happens again!

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