Zodiac's BB noise from the 2nd Garage

Zodiac again! Those news were great to hear,
we have always enjoyed playing at Zodiac.
The gig had been organised by the guys from
Motherland, who went through the task of 
making flyers and setting the site up for
an amazing attendance of people! When we
arrived there there were hundreds of people 
inside the place, the air was heavy and damp,
friends were walking around everywhere, and
we had to find our way through to the end
of the place! Bands started playing and the
crowd went active right away, no delays! 
The moshpit was full! Even around the moshpit
it was hard to walk! There was a great atmosphere
inside Zodiac. Our turn came out 4th out of the 
7 bands (Flu, Motherland, Herb Farm, Retemitnes,
Mental distortion and studs!) who played that night. 
We opened the set with Nothing (we rarely do that 
since we need to get warmed up first to be able to 
play it well) and it sounded pretty good, thanks
to the hype of the people that was in the air.
Next followed Hunger to Rule giving little space
between songs..then Size does matter, which 
got a great amount of people listening attentively
and laughing (either with or at us!), going 
into Something and finally into that new song,
Purge, which sounded tight and aggressive,
leaving the moshpit satisfied and content! 
Soon after, more bands came up, and we joined 
the pit to mosh and sweat for a long time, 
until the unexpected happened! A short circuit
from the bass guitar's amp switched off the 
whole floor! There was a complete blackout
among the heavy moshing and hundreds of people!
Suddenly everyone just stood there, paralysed,
wondering what was happening...but soon people
were relaxing and having fun of the place and
the situation..lighters and matches started to 
illuminate the place with warm, hypnotic yellow
lights all around and the vibe changed into a
mystic, almost magick moment, when a drummer
sat on the drumkit and played together with 
another person playing the percussion drums...
suddenly the moshpit turned into an intense
group of people dancing to tribal tunes and
choirs of voices which took almost everyone 
into an incredible trance! A vibe completely
alien to the underground scene! After a while
of dancing in circles, the lights returned and
everything returned to normal..the spirit 
faded from the place and left people asking
for more, which with no surprise, continued
with the last set of bands playing the night,
and sending everyone home for a very good
night of sleep and quite a story to tell friends.
As usual, we couldnt get any pictures, although
there were many people in there with video 
cameras and photo cameras (there was even a family 
photo session at the end!)..so I really hope 
some of these people can scan those pics and 
put them on the internet for everyone to see!
Until the next one! Excellent gig it was!