Zodiac's Merry Christmas Hardcore Gig

Zodiac Club was filled with hardcore-thirsty youths, and a proper selection of six or seven bands gave them exactly what they wanted. The bands made the people jump and mosh incontrollably for more than four straight hours. Lyme's turn came up third and the band squeezed the nerves out in Hunger to Rule, the first song for the night. Continuously came the first "real" song from the set, being it the cover from Rage Against the Machine, Bullet in the Head. People recognized it immediately, starting to mosh and gather in the dance floor. Then the rest of Lyme's songs came ahead, starting with Uneasy and Size does matter (which obtained a positive response pretty unexpected by the band), ending with an angry twist on Nothing (which was played much better than the previous gigs) and finally closing the set with Korn's Blind. The acceptance and ovation received from the crowd sent Lyme home to have sweet dreams for days. Unluckily, no pictures or video were taken that night.

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