BB Noise Gig
Another gig at la Viva Carnival! The place is really 
getting into it, with a new gig almost every weekend! 
Anyways, the gig was great, considering the tiredness 
Boy and I were carrying and my throat ache on top of 
that..but it was wicked! We played third last, and even 
though Subculture and Happy Nightmare couldnt make it 
(spunky funggy came to the rescue!), the whole range of 
bands played their hearts out and the crowd was raving! 
When our turn came, we rushed to set up the instruments 
on stage and after settling a glitch or two with the 
guitar amp we were off into the first song of the set, 
Keropok! It sounded great, since the place is not so large, 
the speakers are well placed around and the sound is 
properly mixed (a hell lot better than the warp!). Right 
after keropok was over we went straight into our newest 
song, C-22 "Jungle" Mech (hehe, yeah yeah.) And it sounded 
a lot better than in previous gigs, with us feeling a lot 
more confident with it. Then came another recent piece,
"Entenderas". Then Size does Matter and Uneasy (Ikan Kekek). 
Finally, the last two songs of the set, Something and 
Purda Kurda, which we enjoyed playing. So it was loads of 
fun! The energy in the air was flowing! People were 
light-hearted with us as well (or were having fun of us, 
depending on how you look at it, ha!), having a laugh or two 
with me ("Sex song!" - "Sorry ah, belum ada!")..It was really 
a cool vibe. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Afterwards two 
more bands played on, too bad not everyone wanted to stay 
to dance and support, thanks to the people who did! You know 
who you are! Anyways, all in all, an excellent gig, full of 
friendly, energetic and great people!

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