The Warp's Raw is War, Part 2

Its technically a feng tao yuen disco, The Warp, but every now and then Soul Productions come up with this bigass gig with 20 ringgit entrance and 7 to 9 big bands that draw in a crow of not less than 1000 people...except today, that is. :) The place wasnt as packed as these gigs usually are in The Warp, (around 500-600 people roughly) and I guess its cause the previous gig there (The survivor's series) had just happened around two months ago with a similar lineup of there you go. Anyhow, the people that managed to pay the expensive entrance had it worth their day, since the whole gig was really powerful and gave little chance to breathe! Kelp kicked off the start with their excellent rap rock set, while people were still coming in the place and feeling comfortable with it. Then came on Nervewreck with a shattering heavy set, followed by newcomers Blid (first time I see them..limprapcore again but give them credit, it was heavy and the crowd was pleased). LyMe was next on the list, as had been planned earlier that day, but suddenly for some reason they wanted to push us to the last place..We started asking why and we discovered that TV3 was there to take some shots of Prana and they wanted to make them play in our place...but noooo Mr.Big..we're not about to get pushed around by anyone, especially if its TV3 coming in the gig as if they were some oh-so-important personality who comes in and does as it we kept our stance and replied "we're playing next or we're not playing, man." After a few minutes of tension, backstage discussions and concerned band faces, they agreed. If they wanted so bad to check out Prana, they would have to wait for their turn. Its sad, cause its not Prana's fault either..they were up to playing anytime, and didnt want to cause any problems..and that was really cool, but its not up to them..its up to Posse/NSR's marketing people to make these decisions. Anyhow, after things cooled down a bit we came up on stage (with Prana's album still playing loudly in the speakers..hehe..had to ask them to please lower the volume when we were ready to start..). And on it went! We opened our set with the ending of Keropok, by starting a slow crescendo of noise and blasting it into the song, which put all moshers to..well, mosh! And it was a crazy moshpit, man! At times there were so many people on stage ready to crowd-surf that I couldnt even see the crowd! Right after that was finished, we blended the song with the new tune "Trees" which still kept the energy levels soaring high! It was awesome! And Victor has a part of singing at the ending of the song (for the first time V is actually doing backup vocals! cool!) Right after, we blended the ending of trees into C-22 "Jungle" Mech, (skipping the intro) which we continued all the way to its end. Lymeus Delta was working fine, although it got into that state where his pitch is much higher than what it really is, probably due to the amount of electrical equipment zooming around him. But he did fine, the PC worked hard all the way. After Jungle was finished, we had a quick sip of water and I wore a white bedsheet I had brought over from home and pretended to be a ghost for our next song, "Things that go bump in the night". It was pretty relaxing and it went on smoothly. And then Victor started off the delay effect beginning of Keropok..and on we jumped again on the Keropok groove and so was everyone in the pit! Super fun it was! People started playing with the bedsheet (that was laying around) by passing it around and jumping with it on top of their heads! We had nevertheless problems with the monitors all the time, they were too loud and they crackled and popped, and sometimes were completely off, forcing us to play by memory rather than by ear! But apart from all the mistakes and all the times we got lost during the songs, we managed to have an awesome time! Soon after Keropok, we played Entenderas, where some guys jumped onstage, we held on together and spun for some time before we made a "group stage dive"! Wow, amazing it was! It was during the part of the song where all the animals go berserk and start the stampede.. with the music getting faster and faster..and suddenly I was surrounded by crazy screaming (mine included) and struggling to get up from the moshpit floor, together with other guys also pulling themselves up! What a rush, man..! Then we had our last song next, although we were running short in time...but Boy came up to the mike and announced that it was Bob Marley's birthday today (4th feb) and the next song would go to him. So we started our newest song, which still has no name....well, we though of calling it ", your friendly toilet company." Anyways, it starts with Boy and me doing vocals for Bob Marley's "Sun is shining" with a punk bassline on top, which then blows into a fun-n-n-n energetic part! The song concludes with that crazy "kill it! kill it! suffocate it!" referring to the toilet company, of course, which is the biggest toilet company in the world. When we were done with the song we had nice people asking us to do one more song, but that would be pushing it too far, and there were more good bands lined up after us. But thanks! It really made our day, and days that came after that as well! The upcoming bands played on brilliantly as well and the crowd was as supportive as ever, with Blindtribe, Love Me Butch and Prana making every cent paid for the entrance count! Right now my muscles are aching, but what a good time we had. Oh and the nice dedication song from syarul (Love me butch) because we were breaking up was a little too much.:).we are taking a break for some time, but we are faaaaar from splitting! We want to do other stuff as well, we are normal people with dreams, like you too! I'll continue updating the site regularly cause the Album is half way to the shops yet, so there's still a lot to do! But we'll meet again, just keep this independent scene alive! k-ciao!

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