Putra World Trade Center's East Fest

How's that! PWTC for the first time! It was really a nice place to gig, and the vibe was just perfect as well..a whole setup of mainstream malay pop bands/boybands drew in a crowd that I bet have never even heard of the malaysian alternative (i.e. underground) music scene. There were around 400 young people, mostly malay girls, who attended to see their new heart-throb boyband "New Boyz" and other shows..and what a frenzy it was! When we got there, the stage was setup with these two MC's teasing the people..and we were caught in the middle of a crazed-up screaming horde of girls, security police and the boyband "new boyz" coming out of the..uh..what do you call it? changing room? backstage room? well they were coming out of it, the girls were rushing to get a piece of them and we were caught in the middle. It was the most fun I had in ages! After the boyband took the stage it wasnt as good as they pictured it on the ads..the band had their guitars out of tune..the singers were out of key..arr!..well, it wasn't their best show. We came up right after them, when most of the people were still standing and watching what was going to happen. "How come there's a guy setting up a computer on stage? Check email ah? And check out the hair on that drummer! mmh but the bassist and the guitarist are kinda cute.." hahahha! forgive me guys, I cant help it. :) Anyways, we had a five song set ready and rehearsed..so we started with Jungle Mech as soon as we were ready. I wore a piece of cardboard inside my shirt so that it would look like a robot (but it looked more like a hunchback..), wore my purda-goggles and shot people with my torchlight while the guys ravaged the stage with 360 jumps and machine-gun guitars! It was cool! As the song finished, I crept inside a blanket which I put on the floor earlier and the guys pretended to lay dead on the floor, only to start getting up when the next song started..Things that go bump in the night (or the Halloween song, the one in the compilation) began and we stood up as in waking up from the dead..I had a bedsheet over my head and opened my arms as I started singing, pretending to be a ghost (which looked more convincing than the previous attempt at a robot). Then after, the song ended with Victor's acidy jazzy solo and we went on straight to pose with our arms and legs extended (even moez got off the drums to pose!) Victor and Boy were holding a papaya leaf on their hand and we all pretended to be trees for our new song "Woodcraft" (its supposed to mean woodcraft as in witchcraft, not woodcraft as in handcraft wood..erm..ask boy :) Well, after that we had our little break to get a sip of moez's water (ha!) and we concluded the set with Entenderas, followed by Keropok after the animals' stampede. Wow, what a great time we had, really. People showed their support the whole time, even without moshing or jumping..we had a great response! Well, we finished our set and hung around to wait for our friend bands to play, later on in the night. Ah we also had a short video interview with the Octopus.com.my people, who had a booth open in the E-Fest Hall (the top floor of PWTC, remember that the whole event was around the East-Fest, which had companies showcase their products) Hopefully it should be published in the Octopus.com.my webpage soon. (that is, if they dont throw the recorded interview because we spoke rubbish all the time, hey but it was fun!)..well, an eventful day it was..lots of bands, lots of different people and a great time together! And best of all, it was free! oklah, balik.