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Subject: [malaysianunderground] 1999 Underground Polls reults!
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 06:01:04 -0000
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From: "Karen Tan" <>

note: the follow results does not necessarily reflect the opinion of
the author. votes were collected and tabulated through a 3 month
period from Nov99 to Jan00.

Congratulation to all the winners of the 1999 Underground Polls:
best band- Spunky Funggy
best vocalist- Javier (Lyme)
best guitarist- Keng Lee (Charlotte Dreams/ Killcycle)
best bassist- Azlan (Spunky Funggy)
best drummer- Ihsan (Custom Daisy)
best live band- Custom Daisy
best released recording- Smile for the Revolution (Spunky Funggy)
friendlist band- Spunky Funggy
most original band- Lyme
best gig of 1999- Halloween Gig
best new band of 1999- Nerve Wreck
best song of 1999- Satisfied (Custom Daisy)

The catagories 'best zine' and 'best shop for underground related
stuff' were removed due to lack of votes. again, congratulations to
all the winners! :)

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