The rumours are going around..

Hold on to your seats...

We have a surprise for you!

LyMe rocked the Malaysian underground scene 
with their theatre punk rock from 1997 to 2001.

Is LyMe making a comeback?

Keep checking!


Visit our record label Bongsai Records to 
download free MP3s of Lyme's
album "Oveourotherarth"!

Or listen to the full album at:
LyMe on YouTube! 

Read about our label's history here: 
Bongsai Records' History.

LyMe's debut album (in cassette only!) 
is available in collector's shops
but you can copy it from your friends!
(go ahead!)

Our Lyrics are in the
songswords section!

Check out our Past Gigs!

LyMe is a DIY punk band. For DIY knowledge, visit the "DIY knowledge oracle"! Be a DIYer! Make this world a better place! or

Every sound made by LyMe is a weird type of

LyMe's first DeMo, tastes good with milk too!

The Discography

We think that since May 10th, 2000, people are cool

Need to print and distro your music?

LyMe is against Xenophobic and Racist complexes.
Its members are of only one race: human.
We are pacifists. Peace and love, everyone.
We also believe and strongly support human rights and
individual freedom of thought and will.

Amnesty International on-line

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