Javier "Cheez/Jave" Badillo

Jave is the most dedicated member of the band, 
always giving 100% and more, even when not 
Cheese J's singing starts before his voice 
broke, singing for his school's choir as a 
lead white voice, stopping around 1991. Later
on, he dedicated himself to classical guitar, 
together with his brother, for two years. 

His singing slowly re-emerged in 1995, when he 
sang backup vocals for Ephymeral Experiences. 
In 1997, he played in Broken Line with Moez 
and Reucas. Parallel to Broken Line, Javier was 
singing for Hard Rock Gurus, Hard Knox. 

Later, Broken Line was renamed and 
restructured into Lyme.

Javier's influences come from Frank Sinatra, 
Poison and Nirvana during the late eighties, 
later going through a strong influence by 
The Doors, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. More 
recently, Portishead, Jamiroquai and Korn.

Currently, aside from designing webpages as 
a part-time job (finished works include
Venezuelan Embassy in Malaysia's homepage), 
Javier is studying a higher diploma in 
Computer Studies and is coursing part-time 
3d Animation and design with bandmate Moez.

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