Charity performace at the Peruvian Embassy

Lyme didnt think they would ever have to play a only-soft-covers gig, but they ended up doing it anyways. And it turned out to be pretty alright, in fact, considering that it was completely acoustic (no electric guitars, only bass) and with our small rehearsal amps. The drum set and the microphones were provided by the embassy. The place to play wasnt exactly a stage (it was a porch) and we decided to play sitting down and taking our time. The songs were a selection of ten of Victor and Javier's guitar lessons years ago, which included the unplugged versions of Eric Clapton's Layla and Tears in Heaven, and the Eagles' unplugged version (complete!) of Hotel California. We enjoyed the show and thanked the few people who bothered to sit by and clap at our performance. (mostly small kids..). A video of the whole show was recorded, so pictures should be posted soon.